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International Executive Degree Programs


Berkeley Executive Education is collaborating with International Universities to offer International Executive Degree Programs creates and delivers leading edge courses and programs designed to support businesses in achieving their strategic goals in a rapidly changing and knowledge-driven global economy.

All programs offer practical ideas and relevant knowledge grounded in cutting-edge research and real-world experience. You will benefit from our extensive experience working with today’s worldwide industry leaders and the growing ventures that will become tomorrow’s leading innovations.

International Executive Degree Programs that will allow individuals and small teams to learn new ideas, develop management and leadership skills, and access our faculty and research from anywhere in the world.Our online offerings use distance learning technology to enable both collaborative and self-paced learning, whether you have interest in a specific topic for yourself or for a small team within your organization.

Upcoming Programs:
  • › Master’s in Business Administration
  • › Executive Master’s in Business Administration
  • › Executive Global Master's in Management
  • › Executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy
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